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Available for  events, acting, modeling, promotion.

Currently can find me:

Flipside Modeling

Websites I have modeled for: (most are no longer active)


Flipside Modeling
Submachine Girls

Flipside Modeling (currently represented)
Formerly represented by Twistd Wishes Talent

Vintage Vixens

Cover Ghouls

The Lady Outlaws

Trash Girl 

Punk Rawk Chix 

Submachine Girl

Guilty Pleasures Gothic Modeling

The Original Gore Whores

 Deadly Creations

Grotesque Girls

Suicidal Beauties


photographers I've worked with:
(*) indicates multiple shoots



Joshua Manning

Jill Jones

Brittnay Munn
Dwayne Holst*
Doyle Whitten *
R. Mike Harris
Zoe's Photography
Brian Livingston*
Paul McAllister
Mike McCarty
J.Michael Strange
Victor H. Schlosser
Art Smith*
Ben Lemons*
Jesse Gater Jr*
Mark D'Harlingue*
Glashart (Dreamcatcher Studios)
Wade Henderson
Seth Garcia
Brett Steinmetz
J. Tate
Brandon Smith
Earl Kliethermes
ClouseHouse Productions
Sean Abel*
Randy Kirby
Charles Barnes
David C.
Jason Lumetta
Courageous Hearts Photography*
Sunspell Photography*
Tim Towers*
Relative State
Devil Doll Photography*

Steve Golden

YngCntry Studios *


Shawn Carter*


Judson DeVore
Faron DeKalb
Jim Maloney*
Jerry Anna
Cara Beale*
Sarah Cayson (Zaira's Photography)
ESCvisions * 
Paul Baillargeon*

-New Jersey-

Art Gallagher



Jimmy Brothers


Cindy Wolfe

Model's Ive worked with:

Kat Hays
Angie L *
Nikki W *
Toni K
Cara B*
Tania Marg *
Tina Marie
Jessie Pridemore
Erin Shea
Victoria Lynn
Torri Ice*
Lady Ashley*
Heather T.*
Heather H.
Sassy Sara
Kym Night
Vi Ho
Tiffany (Mistress of Makeup)
Laureli Slaughter*
Jill Jones

Olivia Simonson

Miss Bettie Lou

Kimberly Hannon

Robin Potter

Brittny Wheeler

Mariah Hamm

Make-up Artists I've worked with:

Heidi Tinsley*
Sarah Diekemper*
Heather Wissman & Missy Suthers (TeaZed & TeXtured)*
Tiffany (Mistress of Makeup)
Laureli Slaughter*
Ang Oelke

Hair Stylists:

Magdalena(Diverse Simplicity) mm#721153
Meg Blackmon

Photoshop Pros:
One-Stop Photoshop mm#829513


Lollipop Magazine -promotional work
Ilovethedevil e-zine - devilish girls interview
Punk Globe Magazine interview
Ear Damage Magazine Issue 15
Pizzazz Magazine 4/2006
Bite Me Magazine 2006
Bizzare Magazine Ultra Vixens 2006
Pure Cash Magazine 2010
Goth Girl of the Week Jan 07 (
interview with Lithium Radio 2006
Chaos Chix Magazine Sept 2022

Gothic Girlz Magazine 2022

Battery Acid Magazine Oct 2022

Dogmatic Magazine Oct 2022

Flipside Magazine Oct 2022

Miss Pinup Magazine Oct 2022

Flux Magazine Oct. 2022

Mora Magazine Oct  2022

Women Power magazine Oct 2022

Rose Goddess Magazine Oct 2022

The Definition Magazine Halloween Edition 2022

Miss Pinup Nov 2022

Flipside Magazine Nov 2022

Mora Magazine 2023

Pinup Plus Magazine 2024

Miss Pinup Magazine 2024 

Dogmatic Magazine 2024

LO Profile Magazine April 2024

Women Power Magazine May 2024


ebook: Metal Queens Models 2011 by Armand Rosamilia published by rymfire ebooks and carnifex metal books


Music Video 2003- Story of the year-Until the Day I Die
Music Video for J-Red "point em out" 2009
ScreamTv's Screamer of the Week Nov 2007

Music Video for Super Fun Yeah Yeah Rocketship "Crab Walk" 2020
Face of Horror Scream Queen Competition 2022

Events/Promotional: clothing model
Classic Car show model Lake of the Ozarks MO 2002-2003
Hershey's Kisses Promotional Event April 2004
Kiss from a Rose Fashion Show 2011
Attended the MoMap shoot April 2002
Attended/hostess of the Ha Ha Tonka Open Shoot June 2004 & 2006
Mad Man Clothing contestant
model for Diverse Simplicity Hair
model for Silly Little Charms Jewelry
model for Horror Hairwear
model for
Devilman Music Promotions

Face Of Horror 2022 Competition 4th place semi-finals.

Various promotions for Too Fast Clothing.

Model for Tunglkraft

CallieCo Couture

Model for Beautifully Unique Leggings

Model for The Crypt Lingerie

Various IG and Twitter (x) features


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